A.I. Deep Learning Based Cosmetic Optical Inspection

The Power of A.I. Cosmetic Optical Inspection

Inspecting for cosmetic (or surface) defects is a typical quality control parameter.  Human operators are just that – human.  Physical inspection, by a person, is labor-intensive and monotonous, allowing for mistakes to be made too easily.  Using AI powered vision systems, we make even the most difficult inspection challenges simple to tackle.

Take inspection to the next level. Using advanced imaging technology, vision systems inspect for anything.  From rips and tears on your label, to scratches on a metal finish, our highest priority is to increase the quality of your output.

  • Rips and Tears
  • Scratches and Dents
  • Subtle Variations
  • Complex Materials
  • Low-Contrast Defects
  • Embedded Particles