A.I. Deep Learning Based Seal Process Inspection


The Power of A.I. In-line Heat Seal Inspection System

Assembly Dynamics has harnessed the power of A.I. to offer an unbelievably easy to use in-line heat seal inspection system for medical and food industries.

We applied our deep-learning A.I. vision tools to thermal images to find most sealing defects - including those that are almost impossible to find with rules-based vision tools or even standard vacuum-check inspections. This PC-based, turnkey inspection system includes everything you need to reliably inspect your heat-sealed trays at speeds up to 500 PPM.

  • Objects Under Seal
  • Incorrect Materials
  • Wrinkled Materials
  • Process Failure
  • Folded Corners
  • Double Seal
  • Misaligned Materials

Benefits Heat Seal Inspection Benefits

  • In-Line Inspections

    Offers a reliable, repeatable and precise inline seal inspection process - allowing faster production times while keeping your customers safe.

  • Validates Your Process

    Continually monitors your process - allowing you to correct discrepancies before they become major issues.

  • Ease of Use

    Clean, simple interface makes it easy for your crew to confidently take ownership of the system .